How the right spices can change your foods

How the right spices can change your foods

Balancing herbs and spices such as Black pepper is not just a secret to giving your recipes more flavor. It can also be a way of playing with your alchemy power, exercising the taste and smell, through unusual combinations. Not to mention the relaxing effect of spending hours in the kitchen experiencing new flavors and aromas. The end result is only a consequence. So join friends and family around the stove and invite everyone to join in. This can be one of the most enjoyable times of lunch or dinner.

To get started, discover some secrets of how to use herbs and other spices such as cumin and coriander seeds. The main features of each one you can check by clicking here. The herbs should preferably be used fresh. With the exception of oregano and rosemary, which look better after being dried, and thyme, which looks good in both ways;

What you need to know about herbs

Herbs are more flavorful and fragrant when minced when preparing the recipe and, when appropriate, added only when it is to be served. Unlike fresh herbs, dehydrated (dry) must be added at the beginning of cooking. During preparation, they rehydrate and bring more remarkable aromas and flavors. A great idea to season salads and meats is to prepare a herbal oil. A basic recipe: add 2 cloves of garlic, a mix of peppers and your favorite herbs in a glass of olive oil and let capped for 2 months to taste.

Garlic and black pepper

Garlic and black pepper are essential ingredients for many dishes and can not be lacking in a self-respecting cuisine. You will also notice that natural seeds and herbs work better regardless of the dish you wish to prepare.

Garlic – Originating in Silesia or Western Asia, garlic has been used for over 5,000 years by the Hindus, Arabs and Egyptians. Affectionately nicknamed Stinking Rose by the English, which means badly smelling rose, it has been used since antiquity as medicine. In ancient Greece, for example, it was used in the treatment of lung and intestinal diseases

Black Pepper – The peppers belong to the genus Capsicum, from the same family of potatoes, tobacco and petunia. The flavor is unique in the plant kingdom, but its variety is enormous: there are more than 25 known species, which are divided into two types: sweet or hot.

The “bell” pepper is the sweet type and refers to peppers that are not spicy or spicy, with a massive appearance like pepper and small pepper. Chilli, or chilli, represents the variety of spicy or hot peppers, which definitely add a very nice flavour to whichever foods that you are preparing.

Originally from the Central Mexican region, red pepper was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus on one of his trips to America. Upon finding a small red fruit used by Native Americans, he called them pimiento, the Spanish word for black pepper.…